W E E K L Y   M E N U 

We're often testing out new heart-healthy, low sugar, family-friendly recipes and, occasionally, we'd like to share our menu and see what you think.

We send out new menus on Wednesday for the following week. Selections may include one or two healthy main dishes and a selection of refrigerator staples -- perfect sides or snacks for entertaining friends. Orders are placed by noon Friday for delivery the following Tuesday. Currently, delivery option is only available in Greenwood.

To receive our menu each week, please sign up below. There's no commitment and we won't share your information with any spammers... because, honestly, we don't know how to do that anyway.

P E R S O N A L   C H E F 

A personal chef provides cooking services to individuals or families with a desire for health-attentive, balanced meals on a regular basis. Menus are specifically tailored to meet your individual wants and needs. This service is ideal for busy parents, working professionals, individuals with specific dietary needs, and anyone interested in eating clean. 

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Grocery shopping is done the day of cooking to ensure all ingredients are as fresh as possible. Meals are prepared, packaged, and labeled with reheating instruction for your convenience. 

Contact us today to discuss your overall personal health and wellness goals and see what we can offer to get you on track to meeting those goals.